What Are Business Services?

Business services are non-revenue generating functions that support the core operations and infrastructure of a company. They include a wide range of industry specific activities from shipping and administrative support to janitorial, waste management and staffing services. Every business in operation needs these services to function effectively. The qualifications for a job in the field of business services vary by industry and role, but may require a high school diploma or equivalent and strong interpersonal communication skills. The duties of a professional working in this field are to provide consulting, IT, and financial services that help a business run smoothly and efficiently.

Unlike goods, business services are not tangible and cannot be stored for future use. They are produced and consumed at the same time and must be provided exclusively each time they are required. This can create a unique challenge for service providers who need to continually adjust their services to meet changing customer demands and expectations.

The Business Services Center (BSC) is New York State’s central office for processing transactional Human Resources and Finance transactions that are common across agencies. By implementing and streamlining these processes, we are able to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and support agencies as they focus on their mission activities.

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A business service is an intangible service that supports a firm’s internal and external customers. It provides value through one or more of the following:

Business services can be provided by any type of industry. For example, a firm can get marketing services from a marketing agency or IT services from an IT service provider. However, the most common types of business services are IT services, accounting services, human resource services, and procurement and warehousing services. Other types of business services are actuarial, training, and software services.