The Importance of Automobiles


Automobile is a four wheeled vehicle that carries passengers and cargo and runs on its own power. It is a means of transportation that is very essential for modern society. The automobile is a symbol of both the promise and the pitfalls of technological advancement. It has changed our lives in many ways, but it has also created new problems. People can now move from city to country and visit their friends and relatives without much difficulty. The automobile has made our lives more comfortable. It has increased our independence and freedom and also allowed us to travel for work.

The modern automobile was first developed in the late 1800s. It was invented by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in Germany and France. Then it was perfected by Henry Ford in America. He came up with the idea of using an assembly line to mass produce cars. This was a revolutionary idea because it meant that more people could afford to buy automobiles. It also enabled more women to become drivers. In 1916 two women drove around with “votes for women” banners in their car to push for women’s right to vote. This was a big change to society because women did not always have this right in America at that time.

In the beginning, the automobile was very expensive. Only wealthy people could afford to own them. Later, the price fell and it became affordable to middle class people. This was a huge step in the development of democracy and freedom. Automobiles allowed people to visit their relatives and friends in other parts of the country or even go on vacations. They could take their children to school or to play dates with their friends. They could go shopping or to the movies and other places to have fun.

Modern life would be inconceivable without the automobile. It is the most common means of transportation in the world. It is a very convenient mode of transport and is used for business purposes as well. In the past, people had to walk or ride a horse or other animal to reach their destination. But now, people can use the automobile to get where they want to go in a short time.

Automobiles are categorized based on their purpose as whether they are goods carrier, passenger carrier or special usage vehicles. Goods carriers are those that carry things such as containers, pallets, crates and bags. Passenger vehicles are those that can carry passengers such as buses, minibuses and cars. Special usage vehicles include ambulances, fire brigade vehicles and police vehicles.

Automobile production in the United States began to decline with the onset of the Great Depression and then accelerated during the war years because of demand for military supplies. During the war, American manufacturers focused on producing for the war effort and in total made one-fifth of the nation’s war production. In the postwar era engineering was subordinated to nonfunctional styling and quality declined. Questions about air pollution and the draining of world oil reserves opened up the market for fuel-efficient, functionally designed cars from Germany and Japan.