Examples of Team Sports

Team sport

A team sport is a type of athletic game where individuals are organized into opposing teams. The members of a team work together to achieve a common goal, which can be achieved through various methods. One example is basketball. Hockey is another sport that involves a team. Volleyball and Table tennis are also examples of team sports.

Hockey is a team sport

Hockey is a team sport in which players must work together to score a goal. The sport was first played by British soldiers in the mid-19th century. Within the next 30 years, the sport spread to other countries and developed into various forms. Today, it is played at amateur and professional levels in many countries. It is also popular in North America and Eastern Europe.

Table tennis

Table tennis is a team sport that emphasizes consistent play. Players must hit the same stroke over, while also rallying with teammates and coaches. There are three basic drills for rallying: crosscourt, downcourt, and downline rallies. Players use the same stroke to rally against each other, while the other player aims to block their shots.


Volleyball is a team sport that can be played by up to six players. The serving team is selected through a coin toss. They then throw a ball into the air and attempt to hit it so that it passes over the net. The opposing team then uses a combination of three contacts with their volleyball to try and hit the ball back over the net.

Track and field

Although most events in track and field are individual sports, the most prominent team events include relay races. Each relay consists of four runners, each completing a specified distance. Each runner then hands the baton to the teammate who starts the next leg. The runners must exchange the baton within a designated area or else they will be disqualified. Runners must also have good technique and be able to plan splits during their races. They can do this by using a positive and negative split to conserve energy and establish a lead. Some events also include mixed relays, which consist of two men and two women.

Ice hockey

The game of ice hockey is a team sport in which each team consists of six players, usually three forwards, two defencemen and a goaltender. The forward positions consist of a centre and two wingers. The forwards play as units and will often use their sticks to pass the puck from one teammate to another. The defencemen usually stick together and play as a unit as well. Wingers are often assigned to the left and right sides of the ice. A substitution of an entire unit of players is known as a line change.


Swimming is a team sport, and the players are called on to do their best to bring the team together. This requires training to become mentally and physically flexible, as well as having a good grasp of a variety of strokes. Developing these qualities not only makes an individual better, but also makes the team stronger. These qualities also help build depth, which makes the team versatile and able to respond to challenges.